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Do you have an open mind? Do you want to earn? You like travelling? We have already visited half the world with DXN!

We have built the market in Poland from zero, let's build it together in Nigeria. The world is waiting for you! This is a chance of a lifetime!

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DXN Nigeria
21 stycznia 2014

The Power of DXN 

Do you realize yourself, feel that you are developing, that you have full control over your life? Do you think the earnings cover your needs, that you ensure the safety of your family? Do you feel joy or irritation when you go to work? It may be difficult for you to make ends meet but you have not done anything to change this state so far? Think about whether you are satisfied with the current facts?

If you feel full satisfaction you do not have to read further. Then I can congratulate you because few people experience such happiness.


A short survey will allow you to assess the degree of satisfaction with your life.

On a scale of 1-10, rate your satisfaction level:

From personal life, relationship 

From self-realization at work 

From the current financial situation 

From the time which you spend on hobby/ relaxation 



How do you feel with it? Do you know a solution to improve your situation? What will your life be like in 5 years if you continue to do the same? Following the same path you will always get to the same place ...




I will present you a solution, DXN Nigeria cooperation with the DXN company, which has changed the lives of many people around the world. From ordinary people, they became financially independent, they have built beautiful houses and have travel often.

At DXN, many people who went bankrupt got back on their feet and now help others.

DXN is also a great solution for people who have failed in other MLMs. A lot of people have here found themselves and now they are realising himself in this international company.


Facts matter:

  • DXN is a giant in the production of reishi (the largest producer in the world)

  • 26 years on the global market (in Europe for 10 years) - high stability.

  • Over 8 million consumers in the world, offering great opportunities.

  • Range of 185 countries

  • Certificates: ISO, GMP, TGA

  • Own production according to our own unique technology!

  • Dynamic growth - currently 15th among all MLM companies in the world


Concept: One Dragon  - the company is completely independent. It has its own crops, its own factories and its own distribution.

Concept: One World One Market - you can operate all over the world and benefit from it.

Concept: One Mind- One Mind. You are part of the company and your success is its success of company too.

DXN Nigeria


REISHI - shiny like nail polish - comes first in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia because of its unique properties:

  • supports the immune system
  • is an adaptogen - balances body functions
  • improves circulation
  • deacidifies the body
  • removes toxins
  • oxygenates the cells


Reishi comes in capsules, as a powder or as an additive in everyday consumption products

  • reishi toothpaste
  • reishi coffee, cocoa and reishi tea
  • reishi soap
  • reishi shampoo
  • reishi cosmetics




As a consumer - free participation - 25% discount for DXN members. As a distributor - you have the right to charge premiums for purchases of a whole group of consumers who sign up at your command. 

By helping others you build passive income. Taking care of your health, you become what you want - not like others wants. Think how much you would have to spend to set up a store with supplements, coffee, cosmetics products? Would your products be so unique and of such high quality? Would you then be guaranteed success?

There are no risks at DXN, no costs. At DXN you do not sell, you only WELCOME PEOPLE TO PURCHASE. Everyone will buy for himself and the company will reward you for the recommendation. How many times have you recommended a good restaurant to someone? Have you received anything for this? Have you ever paid to you back for drinking traditional coffee? At DXN, you'll be able to drink cheaper and cheaper coffee, and over time the commission will be higher and you'll get coffee onle for free.



1000 people will make a purchase for 1000 NGN, then the turnover will be NGN 1 000000. How much would you have to sell yourself to have such a turnover? You will not sell, but the company will reward you for the referral. Do you realize that e.g. a commission of NGN 50 for each recommended purchase gives you NGN 50000? And when it will be 100 NGN? The amount of remuneration is unlimited and depends only on you - the more people you effectively inform about products, the greater the amount of remuneration ... Does it make sense to you?

If so, with what amount do you want to start cooperation? I will tell you that reishi, paste and coffee are the best products to start with. Order them if be possible and let's start cooperation quickly.


Remember - you don't risk anything with us. At most, you'll be in the same place as you are now!

DXN Nigeria